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Our parish of St Thomas of Canterbury promotes God's kingdom of justice, love and peace through worship, the proclamation of the Word and prayer. As a community we serve those in need and support God's family in all areas of life.


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Recently seven candles were found burning in church and precariously lodged right above the container of 100 more candles. It is an obvious hazard. Our insurers have warned us of this and are unhappy that we allow such risk. Please exercise care.
Only light a candle when there is a
vacant cup where it may burn safely.


With the confirmation programme over and most of the 114 children now having received their first communion, we come to the next big parish event: the Garden Fete. To this I am a newcomer: I hear great reports and see a staggering financial contribution to our parish costs. At East Bergholt the annual Friary Fete was a major event for the whole of East Anglia. It featured such items as the speaking bodiless head (John the Baptist come alive?) the mouse race that provoked a vehement protest from Lady Whistler relict of the famous painter, Honest Con (a disreputable friar bookie)..so I look forward to seeing your inventions on June 11th. Please astonish me.

For several years Linda Taylor has acted as secretary to the Council. She has done a splendid job in providing excellent minutes of the meetings and keeping us informed. She will stand down from this office at the coming AGM. So I hope that some willing person, ideally with some secretarial experience, will volunteer to take her place. Offers to Quentin please.

This important event will happen after the 11.30am Mass on Sun. 3rd July. The role of a Parish Council is swiftly growing in importance in our contemporary church. At the AGM you will elect the members of the Council for the year beginning then. Please now give thought to which members of our parish you think will well represent your needs and wishes.



Sat. 28th May 11.30am Fr. Michael
Sat. 28th May 6.00pm Fr. Antoine
Sun.29th May 11.30am Fr. Quentin
Please do not remove the flower rings at the end of the pews. They are to remain in-situ for the month of May.

Copies are available in the repository and going like “hot cakes” It is a truly mind- blowing letter from the Pope building on the two-year sharing of the whole church about family and marriage. Tell me what we are going to do in this parish about Chapter 6.

Leaders for the Sunday 10am Children’s Liturgy. Please tell Jackie Edwards or Fr. Quentin if you are ready to take your turn on a rota basis.

Annual Re-commissioning at all Masses next weekend (the Feast of Corpus Christi); our Ministers of Communion will be invited to renew their commissioning promises.

[As you can see] Clare, Felicia, Antonia, Valerie and Miriam are doing extremely well in arranging the church flowers, especially this last weekend. We will soon be able to compile a rota and share the load. If you feel you would like to get involved in this very therapeutic ministry—just come along on a Thursday at 2pm and watch to see if it is something you may like to try or contact Barbara in the Parish Office.

We need more leaders. Interested? Please come along to our meeting at 7.45pm on 24th May in the Clare Room.

DID YOU KNOW our own Fr. Quentin, Fr. Brian and Fr. Michael Copps were the founding members of The East London Community Organising (TELCO) organising communities to act together for power, justice and the common good. Community organising is democracy in action, winning victories that change lives and transform communities. Now in its 20th year TELCO has grown into the UK’s largest Civic Alliance (Citizens UK) influencing and holding politicians and policy makers to account.

Our Franciscan brothers, with small numbers of parishioners have worked tirelessly on a number of campaigns especially the Living Wage to reduce poverty and inequality. We now have 2,500 Accredited Living Wage employers. You told us that affordable accessible housing is the primary challenge for our young people.

Sadiq Khan the newly elected Mayor of London has agreed to adopt the London Citizens “Good Development Standard” to support the building of more genuinely affordable homes and public transparency, BUT WE do need MORE leaders to hold the Mayor to account on this and other commitments he made at the Copperbox.


The parish AGM is being held on 3rd July 2016 in the Becket Centre at 12.30pm and everyone is welcome to attend and hear about parish matters over the last year, presentation of parish accounts and election of council members. It would be great to see as many people as possible. If there are any specific matters that you would like to raise, can you please forward them in writing to the parish office and then they can be answered at the AGM on 3rd July.

In line with our parish constitution we are looking to elect the members of the Parish Council at the AGM on 3rd July 2016. The Parish Council meets once a month and supports the parish priest in parish matters. We are always looking for new council members to join the committee and we welcome all council nominations. As part of this process there is a nomination form that is available from the back of the church and the Parish Office that needs to be completed by anyone wishing to propose themselves for the council. Election of council members will be confirmed during the AGM on 3rd July 2016. All nomination forms are to be received by the Parish Office no later than 6th June 2016.

Jeremy Davey (Chair)

Click here>>> to see who serves on the Parish Pastoral Council for 2015-16.


Well once more it is that time of year
When we call on you to volunteer.
We think you would be really great
As a helper at our annual Fete.
So if you can spare us the time

Sign up on the dotted line.
Come and join the chosen few

These things can’t happen without YOU.

If you can help in any way, click here>>> to let us know.

PLEASE DONATE A BOTTLE - We need wine BOTTLES, beer BOTTLES, spirit BOTTLES, mixer BOTTLES, soft drinks BOTTLES, ANY BOTTLES for the Bottle Stall Tombola. BOTTLES can be left at the Parish Office or to arrange collection please contact Laura Beales 07947765882 020 8505 2311 THANK YOU!

We also need donations of toys, books dvds, raffle prizes and plants (on the day). No jumble please. It will be thrown.


Saturday, 18th June - 10.30am, Becket Centre for registration for 11am start.

Approx 9 miles - Mornington Road, Woodford Golf Course, Butler's Retreat, Green Ride to Biker's Cafe at top of Fairmead (for a tastey bacon sandwich?!) r
eturning to Becket Centre via Connaught Water at approx 3pm for refreshments kindly provided by CWL.

Suitable for all ages. Families
especially welcomed.
Contact David Underwood via Parish Office for more details.

Click here>>> to learn about the valuable work of bccs and here>>> to see report of last year's


Pictured below, guests of the parish enjoy a recent lunch prepared by volunteers.
Next Assisi Lunch will be on Friday, 27th May,
12.30pm - 2.30pm, Becket Centre.

Click here>>> for more details about the Assisi Lunch Group.


We have a large stock of rosary rings in the repository and, May being the month of Our Lady, we will be happy to give one to any child who calls in to help with the “Hail Marys”. A gift from the parish — no charge. AND if you have yet to buy First Holy Communion cards and gifts it is not too late — we still have some in stock.


Did you know there’s a way you can cut your carbon emissions, show solidarity with poor communities overseas and send a powerful message to the government - all without leaving your home.

Click here>>>
for more details.


One in five of our brothers and sisters around the world don’t have the electricity they need to power school, clinics, homes and businesses. Local, renewable energy is a practical, affordable way for the poorest people to benefit. It helps tackle climate change and poverty. We know it works, and we urgently need our government to support it.

Access to this energy can transform lives: children can study longer at school, clinics can stay open at night, farmers can irrigate their crops, and water can be purified so that it is safe to drink.

Click here>>> to email
today Nick Hurd MP the UK’s Development Minister and ask him to support energy services overseas that the poorest people can access.


We serve Fairtrade tea and coffee after 10am and 11.30am Masses most Sundays. Do pop in and join us. A good chance to meet old friends and new people
. Click here>>> to find out more about buying Fairtrade.

PLEASE NOTE: Teas and coffees will NOT be served in the Becket Centre during the month of May due to First Communion Masses.

Tuesday, 24th - TUESDAY CLUB
Sounding slightly serious, we’re going to hear about “NURSING MEMORIES” ON THE 24TH. When you realise that they are the recollections of BERYL, CATHY and JULIA, you know they’ll be laced with humour. 2pm in the Becket Centre!

We are up London again on Wednesday and would be grateful to receive sandwiches, cakes, fruit, biscuits, sweets, toiletries and clean men’s clothing. Items can be left in the Parish Office during opening hours or in the Becket Centre between 6.30pm and 7pm on Wednesday. On behalf of all the team, we thank you for your continued support.

Friday, 27th - ASSISI LUNCH
See panel above for details.


The Oblates of the Assumption will hold their annual Garden
Party at the Convent, 20 Higham Station Ave., E4 9AZ on the above date. Hot meals will be served between 12.30pm and 3pm. All Welcome.


Saturday, 11th June - PARISH SUMMER FETE
Friary Gardens. Details to follow.

10.30am, Becket Centre - for registration for 11am start. Approx 9 miles, returning to Becket Centre at approx 3pm Suitable for all ages. Families especially welcomed. Contact David Underwood via Parish Office for more details.

Saturday, 2nd July - PARISH GALA NIGHT
In honour of HM The Queen's 90th birthday and 120th anniversary of St Thomas of Canterbury church. More details to follow.

Sunday, 14th August to Friday, 19th August
Bishop Alan will lead the Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.  From £639 by air with full board for six days, five nights, or from £419 by coach. This pilgrimage includes an experienced medical team and plenty of help for those with mobility needs. It is also ideal for couples, individuals, and groups of friends. There is a full programme to opt in and out of, and everyone is welcome. There are brochures at the back of the church.

Would like to increase further the medical cover it provides for its pilgrims. If you are a doctor, please consider joining the pilgrimage this year. Your care of our pilgrims is greatly needed, will be greatly appreciated, and is immensely rewarding. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Cathy O’Connor at 01206 501146 or via cathy@brentwoodlourdes.org

Are you a coffee connoisseur? However you like your coffee, when you choose Fairtrade you know you’re supporting the farmers who grew the beans to build a better quality of life for their families and communities. And that’s not all. Find out more here>>>

The Catholic Women’s League is an international organisation serving the Parish and the wider Church and enjoying spiritual and social activities. Members engage in events to whatever extent is appropriate to them.

Find out more about CWL in our parish



Vocations to the Franciscan Friars Minor are encouraged in our Franciscan Parish! Single Catholic Men 18-40 years, interested?


Need more cash to cover your expenses? If you are a Catholic aged 16-24 years you may be eligible for a grant from the Catenian Association’s Bursary Fund to help with your expenses. Your project must have a clear benefit for others as well as widening your life experience. For full details, eligibility criteria and application form visit www.thecatenians.com and click on "Bursary".


We urgently need more members to help us in our work. For more information please contact Gerry Curran on 07754 100149 or email gerrypcurransvp@hotmail.co.uk

The language of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is very theological. Youcat fills a gap for everyone. It is attractively presented with illustrations, interesting marginal quotes, accessible language, and is cross-referenced to the standard “big” Catechism. If you find the standard Catechism a bit too much, buy Youcat without hesitation and learn more about the Catholic faith. £9.95 in the Repository. There is also a youth Prayer book £7.95. http://www.youcat.org/youcat/youcat-the-book/

800 YEARS!

The Friars have donated a book and DVD to celebrate 800 years of the Order of Franciscan Friars and these are available at the back of the church for you to take a copy.

The book celebrates Franciscans with Frontiers since 1209 and the DVD looks at the life and ministry of the Friars in Great Britain since 1224. You are welcome to take a copy of each and any donations would be gratefully received.


If you, or a relative or friend are in Whipps Cross Hospital, please let the priests at Our Lady and St. George parish know 020 8520 5877. Though the hospital staff are very helpful, the priests at St. George’s also rely on being told of people who may welcome a visit.


f you are new to the parish or have moved within the parish, please contact the Parish Office so we can keep our records up to date.

Download the New Parishioner / Change of Address form (pdf file, 312Kb) here>>

Follow this link to see events and notices previously listed on this page.


Any Christian community tries to live out the commandment of Christ to love God and one's neighbour as thyself. Both aspects are inseparable and support for CAFOD enables us to help those in great need.

A recent estimate indicates that we throw away enough food to feed the starving in the whole of Africa. We urge all to review their lifestyle and the effects that a secular and consumerist society have had upon our existence. Live simply so that others may simply live!

Click here to go to the page on this website for details of the Brentwood Diocesan branch of CAFOD. Click here to go directly to the CAFOD Brentwood website, from where you can access the latest newsletter.

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