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Our parish of St Thomas of Canterbury promotes God's kingdom of justice, love and peace through worship, the proclamation of the Word and prayer. As a community we serve those in need and support God's family in all areas of life.


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Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a priest, an advocate for justice, or simply a friend to someone in need, there are countless times when you come face to face with your own inadequacy, when you are helpless in the face of all that you should be doing. At times like that, it is important to remember that God alone is adequate, that you are not God, and that God is more parent, teacher, minister, priest, advocate for justice, and friend than you are. Obvious as this is, it is not always evident to us, as our history of needless worry, being angry, feeling overly self-important, intent on doing it my way, living with ulcers, and being chronically overextended give ample testimony.

Don’t be afraid. We are inadequate! To accept this is to make a little prayer. It is both healthily humbling and uplifting to accept the fact that we are not God and that we are not asked to try to be.

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Guardian Fr. Donal Walsh
Vicar Fr. Antoine Baya
Parish Priest Fr. Michael O’Kane
Fr. Ignatius Kelly
Fr. Quentin Jackson
Bro. Malachy Seymour
Custos: Fr. Patrick Lonsdale
Bro. Raymond Hynes

Fr. Austin to Canterbury
Fr. Brian to Craigmillar (Edinburgh)
Fr. Michael Copps to Stratford
Effective by the end of January 2015

The Catholic community in England and Wales has so far donated £1m to CAFOD's Ebola crisis  appeal. Your support is helping our local Church partners to educate people about the risks of the virus, to supply essential hygiene kits and washing-stations, and to ensure that burials are carried out safely to reduce the risk of infection. We are also providing emergency supplies of rice to thousands of people in areas that have been quarantined or where farming has been restricted. DONATE TO THE EBOLA CRISIS APPEAL HERE>>>


CAFOD's beautiful Advent calendar is now live – giving you the chance to take a moment out of each day for reflection and prayer in the run up to Christmas.
Advent is a season of preparation. A time to take a step back, to make our paths straight, to consider what is really important and to make a change in our lives to reflect that.


A Journey of Prayer for Advent and Christmastide 2014.
Copies available from the back of the church—price £1.

Download the parish Advent 2014 Services schedule here>>>

Booklet of Prayers of St. Francis now available from the Repository price £1 each.

Are now available from the repository price £2.75.

Are available from the back of the church giving the times of Masses etc., over the Christmas period. Please take one as you leave.


Have you seen the Waitrose Christmas TV Advert? What do you think of it? We think that it portrays a false representation as it claims that “...everyone who works at Waitrose owns Waitrose…” Not so for the cleaners or kitchen staff working for Waitrose & John Lewis. Sadly, they are not partners or even paid a living wage! We have written to the chairman of the JL Partnership, Sir Charlie Mayfield, Carlisle Place, London SW1P 1BX asking that he pays all his staff a “Living Wage”. If you are moved by this injustice, why not send Sir Charlie a Christmas card asking him to pay the Living Wage.

Many thanks to the 324 parishioners who recently signed the Syrian Refugee Crisis petition and to those who attended last Sat. morning when the petition was presented to the Deputy Leader of the Redbridge Council, Councillor Wes Streeting.


We have now completed the last Soup Run of the year and want to say a big thank you
for the fantastic response we have received from parishioners supplying food, clothing
and donations. Next year we celebrate our 20th year and without your ongoing support this would not have been possible. A special thanks to Moya Moffat and Jerry Bacon for their hard work behind the scenes and all the volunteers.

Thank you for your support in helping Marie get to her goal to go to Switzerland with the Girl Guides. The generosity of the congregation has really shown her the charity you all have.

Once again, the Christmas Fayre was a great success. To date £5,214.22 was taken. Our grateful thanks to Philippa, Jackie, Nicky and helpers who worked so tirelessly to achieve such a wonderful result. Thank you from Mary and Catherine to all who came and supported the home produce stall. Over £250 was raised which will be split between the parish, St. John’s School and the Chigwell Sister’s Philippines Mission. Also a big thank you to parishioners who helped and came along to enjoy the festivities. It would not be possible without your continued support and generosity. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and as a thank you there will be mince pies after 10am Mass today (first come, first served!). Parish Fayre Team

The Sisters of 5 The Green are very grateful to all their friends who give them Christmas presents each year. This year, because we are aware of the present situation of the world where so many are in need and also because we are fewer in number, we would ask you that instead of giving us presents, you make a donation to a charity of your choice. We take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness and generosity to us and to wish all of you a very happy and blessed Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.


. . .
urgently needs volunteers for the 6pm Mass and Sunday after 8.30am, 10.00am and 11.30am Mass. Please leave your details with the Parish Office if you are interested in joining a rota. If you no longer are a volunteer for the Repository, please return the keys to the Parish Office. Christmas cards, 2015 Church Calendars, Advent Calendars and Advent candles are now available from the Repository.

We are looking for some fresh faces to join the Stewards' rota at 10am Mass. Working in a team of four once every six weeks, duties include welcoming people into church, handing out service sheets and weekly newsletters, conducting the Offertory (collection) and guiding the congregation to Communion in an orderly manner. We are particularly keen to involve young families. To find out how you can help and join this important Ministry, contact David on 07905 741033.


7.30pm in St. Thomas’.

Wednesday, 17th - FR. AUSTIN’S TALKS

The third of Fr. Austin’s talks will be at 7.30pm in the Becket Centre.

7.30pm—10.00pm at Cathedral House, Conference Room Brentwood. Open to everyone aged 17-35 especially those discerning a vocation to Priesthood and the Religious Life. Evening includes fish & chip supper and is free. Please register by emailing frdominic@brentwoodvocations.org or calling Fr. Dominic, Vocations Director on 01268 281732

Saturday, 20th - CHRISTMAS CONCERT
Sing Immanuel. Start at 5pm at St. James’ URC, Palmerston Road, Buckhurst Hill. Tickets £5(includes mulled wine and mince pies) at the door.


9th April 2015 - ACROSS Trip to Lourdes
If you know of anyone sick, disabled and terminally ill who would benefit from the pilgrimage to Lourdes, please take an application form from the back of the church.

800 YEARS!

The Friars have donated a book and DVD to celebrate 800 years of the Order of Franciscan Friars and these are available this weekend at the back of the church for you to take a copy.

The book celebrates Franciscans with Frontiers since 1209 and the DVD looks at the life and ministry of the Friars in Great Britain since 1224. You are welcome to take a copy of each and any donations would be gratefully received.


If you, or a relative or friend are in Whipps Cross Hospital, please let the priests at Our Lady and St. George parish know 020 8520 5877. Though the hospital staff are very helpful, the priests at St. George’s also rely on being told of people who may welcome a visit.

If you are new to the parish or have moved within the parish, please contact the Parish Office so we can keep our records up to date.

Download the New Parishioner / Change of Address form (pdf file, 312Kb) here>>

Follow this link to see events and notices previously listed on this page.

Thanks to everyone who has recycled their inkjet and laser toner cartridges and old mobile phones for CAFOD. £112.39 has so far been raised.

Check the current CAFOD recycling price list here to see if your inkjet and laser toner cartridges can be recycled - and the price CAFOD will get for them.
Only those items listed generate income for CAFOD, please only present items that are listed.


Any Christian community tries to live out the commandment of Christ to love God and one's neighbour as thyself. Both aspects are inseparable and support for CAFOD enables us to help those in great need.

A recent estimate indicates that we throw away enough food to feed the starving in the whole of Africa. We urge all to review their lifestyle and the effects that a secular and consumerist society have had upon our existence. Live simply so that others may simply live!

Click here to go to the page on this website for details of the Brentwood Diocesan branch of CAFOD. Click here to go directly to the CAFOD Brentwood website, from where you can access the latest newsletter.

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Weekdays: 10am (The Rosary, Weds after Mass)
Confession: Saturday, 10.30am, 5pm

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