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Catholic Clothing Guild

Originally the Catholic Needlework Guild, the Catholic Clothing Guild is a national organisation which supplies new, useful and warm clothing for those who, through unfortunate circumstances, are unable to provide for themselves or their families. 

Clothing is distributed locally to societies and organizations whose work is concerned with the relief of the poor, the needy, the aged, the chronically ill and to families and individuals recommended by such societies and other reliable sources, such as the SVP, teachers, health visitors and district nurses. 

Members pay £2 a year and donate two pieces of brand new clothing. This is distributed as the need arises. We have an annual general meeting once a year to look at what we have collected, where it's gone, and the year ahead. 

For more details contact Mary Charter or Sheila Charles, via the Parish Office. 

Mary Charter, Sheila Charles

Tel :   Mary 020 8504 3798, Sheila 020 8252 3563

Fax : 


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