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Chingford Across

Since 2000, Chingford Across has been travelling to Lourdes Bi-annually. A group of 8/10 sick, disabled or terminally ill and 14/16 helpers set of on a pilgrimage. Although there may only be 24 in our local group we are part of a much bigger group of people all over the UK travelling on the jumbulance to Lourdes throughout the year.

Chingford Across work with the parishes in the deanery ensuring we are taking the most deserving people in our parishes.

ACROSS is a recognised charity created specifically to provide the pilgrimage of a lifetime by Jumbulance to the Christian Marian Shrine of Lourdes in SW France for those who are sick and disabled (whom we call our VIPs).

The Jumbulance is a unique vehicle with ambulance status, specially constructed to carry our VIPs accompanied by able bodied nurses, doctors and helpers.
Priority is given to those in terminal illness, those with progressive diseases and those whose medical conditions make it impossible or impractical to use conventional means of transport.

The aim of all volunteer carers is to allow our VIPs to enjoy a truly memorable religious pilgrimage, but at the same time to do so in a holiday atmosphere which provides the best of both worlds for everyone.   The perfect balance of this holiday with Our Lady is sure to bring lasting memories and spiritual fulfilment for everyone

Help needed


Everyone who travels on an ACROSS pilgrimage normally pays their own way - helpers, nurses, doctors, chaplains and VIPs alike.  Carers are required for all groups and need not have medical experience. 

Each VIP place is approx £575 which we fundraise throughout the year by carrying out sponsored events and Quiz’s. We also rely on donations from the public and other organisations to make the impossible possible.

We are always looking for helpers with fundraising or to join us on the pilgrimage, for more information please contact:

Debbie Hourihan
Group Leader
Chingford Across
PO BOX 8066
Tel: 07773 120059


Debbie Hourihan

Tel :   07773 120059

Fax : 


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