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Christmas Fayre
What’s it all about?


Every year at St. Thomas’ Parish a great deal of volunteers prepare for the traditional Christmas Fayre (previously named Christmas Bazaar). Each year it is a great success as there are a variety of stalls for all ages including games, crafts, fresh produce, toys, books, tombolas, jewellery, gifts and refreshments of many kinds. About 30 stalls in total. 

Most of the stalls rely on the generosity of the parishioners and each year the donations are excellent, enabling the Fayre to be a success. We have a few stalls that are run for charities connected to the Parish (Nun’s missions, Hhstamp, Clic) and each year they return because people have been so generous.

How does it all work?

The Fayre preparation starts in September and the adverts for donations and volunteers in October. The team that co-ordinate the Fayre consists of four ladies in the main - Denise Clark, Sharon Cameron, Michelle Say and Dolly Anderson. They collect and sort through the donations, organise flyers/adverts right up until the day before. It’s hard work, but fun and we would always welcome more helpers nearer the time. You have to have a sense of humour to join the team!!

We also have fantastic support from St. Antony’s School, staff and the parents (especially the Dads who come and set up on Friday night and clear away on Saturday evening). Without their help we would be stuck!

The best part for the organisers is setting up beforehand and the volunteer stallholders arriving with their wares and making wonderful displays. The atmosphere on the Saturday of the Fayre itself is fantastic. Everyone in good spirits, Christmas music in the background, beginning of Advent just around the corner.

It is always well attended by parishioners of all ages and many others who have seen it advertised. Last year we opened an hour earlier and it was a busy time for the food stalls. Each year we bring in and welcome new ideas to enhance the Fayre.

How can I help?

If you are interested in helping us nearer the time please contact Parish Office on 020 8504 1686.

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