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The Work of Parish Pastoral Council 2019 article click here>>>

St Thomas of Canterbury, Woodford  Parish Council Chair Report for 2019 click here>>>

Our Communications group are publishing a quarterly newsletter to keep us updated with events and parish news. It will be sent out by email, with a few copies printed for those not having email access. If you would like to be among the first to receive it and keep up to date with what is going on in the parish, please send a mail to or scan in the QR code.

Following Fr Quentin’s recent sermon about the laity’s contribution to parish affairs, this is an appeal to you all.

The Parish Council, of which I am the current Chair, has a number of sub-committees (below) which need more members if they are to achieve what they should. If you have an interest and might like to be actively involved, please contact me for an informal discussion (kit.tranmer[at]

  • Liturgy – anything and everything pertaining to our regular and special services

  • Maintenance – especially if you have DIY or professional skills

  • Becket Centre – it does not manage itself, and is an invaluable asset which we need to look after and use fully

  • Caring – many of our charitable activities, within and outside the community

  • Communication – it is crucial that we communicate effectively, with all sections of the Parish not just those who collect a Newsletter –that too needs effort.



AGM 2016 Questions and Answers click here>>>

Parish Council meeting minutes click here>>>

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