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Discretionary Funding

What Is It?

The financial pressures of running a large parish do not get any less and the PPC and the finance committee, listening to opinion expressed at the AGM in 2004, made a judgement that a contingency fund should be retained. They also decided that a ‘Discretionary Fund’ should be established to serve these wider interests.

Up to the 1st Jul 2008, the PPC has approved 26 Discretionary Funding applications and awarded discrentionary funding grants totalling £66,216.

Where did the funds come from?

Over the years, thanks to good stewardship, the generosity of our parishners and the successful recovery of tax through the Gift Aid scheme, we find ourselves able to set up a Fund to help the more extensive needs we are concerned with as a Christian Community.

Who can apply?

We are keen to support all kinds of activities. They can be concerned with youth or helping the poor, the elderly or the infirm at home or abroad. Projects or existing parish groups are by no means ruled out. The applications can only come from parish groups and parishioners.

How do I apply?

Download the application form (link below) or collect one from the Parish Office. Return the information requested to the Parish Office.

Are there any conditions?

The only condition is a substantial supporting contribution. We ask that the individual or group shows a financial commitment and has an action plan for raising their proportion of the money.

If you require further clarification regarding the application process or the eligibility of your application then please feel free to contact  any Parish Council Member.

Discretionary Funding Application form - (Word document, 28Kb)

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