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Franciscan Missionary Union (FMU)

As Franciscans staff the parish we have committed ourselves to support our Friars who are working in the missions abroad.  Missionary collection boxes are available.


The Franciscans have been involved in missionary work since their very early days and the work continues through our own parish. The Franciscans in this country have sent many friars out to India and South Africa in past years and, although the numbers have reduced in recent years, support is still given by way of prayers and almsgiving, particularly to South Africa.


FMU at St Thomas of Canterbury


In this parish we have the Franciscan Missionary Union (FMU) to encourage parishioners to help the poor in South Africa in several ways. Each year we have an appeal at all Masses on one weekend, usually given by a Friar from South Africa, and we are all asked to respond by taking a mission envelope home and bringing it back with an offering.

In addition we have mission boxes which parishioners take from the church to fill with their loose coin and bring back when full. Many of our parishioners have a box in their home and it is a good way of remembering the missions during the year and keeping them in our prayers.

Further support can be given if contributors sign a Gift Aid form in favour of the FMU (This Gift Aid forn is quite separate from the one signed for the parish). At present we claim back about £1,500 each year through the Gift Aid scheme.

We are currently looking for directors for the FMU in this parish, however, information about the missions can be obtained from via the Parish Office

Tel :   020 8504 1686

Fax : 020 8504 1844


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