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Liturgy Sub-Committee 

The purpose of this group and the responsibilities of its members are as follows:


a. To coordinate the various ministries and have general oversight of all liturgies in the parish.

b. To give or facilitate assistance where needed.

c. To act as a contact point between the various liturgical groups

d. To facilitate problem resolution.

e. To consider changes to the existing liturgies appropriate to fostering a more prominent role for the laity.


We meet monthly to discuss and take action on various liturgical matters. These range from considering Christmas Mass times to creating a Welcome Pack for new parishioners.


Groups included in area of responsibility: Altar Servers, Children's Liturgy 10am, Choir, Cleaning, Flower Arranging, Linen care, Mass Teas 10 am, Mass Teas 11.30 am, Music group, Prayers of the Faithful, Repository, Saturday Music, Weekday masses, Holy Communion (all Sunday masses), Reading (all Sunday masses), Sacristans (all Sunday masses), Welcoming (all Sunday masses), Special Liturgies : 24 hours adoration, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Liturgy of the sick.


Currently all of the above are those groups based at St Thomas’. Going forward we will need to consider other sites within the parish.


Are you already a member of any of the groups mentioned, a parent, a single person, young or old?  We would be delighted to hear from you if you have any ideas to improve our parish's  services to any of the mentioned groups – or if you have ideas for something new. Don't just stand on the sidelines. This is your church. So get involved. You don’t need a lifetime commitment J - just an hour or two here or there can make a difference.


Young or old it is “Time to make a difference."



If you think that you could help us in any way please get in touch via

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