Communion preparation

Preparation for children who will begin to receive communion next May has already started. The deadline for enrolment falls this Friday and no further applications will be accepted after that date. There are already so many enrolled that we must divide them into two groups. On alternate Saturday mornings they will come to Becket for 2 hours. There will be 8 sessions starting in September and running till April 2020. The parents of the children involved are asked to come to Becket on September 18th at 7 pm. It is very important that all attend. For the real work has to be done by you the parents. We will provide you with copies of a book much better than we have had before, spelling out the l

Electric Votive Candles

The Parish Council (PC), our insurers and many parishioners have for some time been concerned about the risks of fire and personal injury, especially to children, being caused by the lighted wax votive candles in front of Saint Anthony’s statue and on the Lady Altar. We are aware that there are differing opinions as to whether they should stay or be changed to a safer type. After much discussion in the PC and with the Friars we have agreed to replace the votive candles in front of Saint Anthony’s statue with electric ones. The existing candles on the Lady Altar will remain. A new electric candelabra , will be installed next week. At first it will seem different but we hope that parishioners

Telco Meeting

A team of Waltham Forest Citizens are meeting with some of the team redesigning the Whipps Cross Hospital, to hear their thoughts on the inclusion of new affordable housing and future plans for the hospital. St Thomas Citizens are also invited to attend the meeting on Thursday, 19th of September 6pm-7.30pm at Cornerstone Church, 149 Canterbury Road, Leyton, E10 6EH.

Music Event

Taking place at High Beech Church on Sun afternoon 15th September “Wedding Favourites” delivered with ceremonial aplomb by the Asaph Trumpet Guild with soprano Nicola Hooke. Concerts will begin at 2.30pm and 4.00pm. High Beech Church is near the junction of Avey Lane & Mott Street, High Beech, Essex.

Parish Partnership

Partnership meeting on Oct 3rd on YOUTH. Visit for details.

Votive candles

Despite our pleas to the contrary: Last Sunday there were twelve votive candles burning while precariously balanced on ledges of the candelabra in front of St Antony. From time to time we see very young children playing with the lighted candles, moving them around the sconces with no adult giving attention. Once when children of similar age were doing much the same their flowing hair came within an inch of going up in flames. Reluctantly we have been forced to accept the advice of our insurers that this is a risk of serious personal harm that we cannot tolerate. From the requirements of the Safeguarding authorities comes the same advice: Get rid of the lighted candles. So shortly we will mov

Communion preparation

Our catechists have been busy during the holidays preparing for the instruction of children who will begin to receive communion next May. There are changes, for the better. We will need to make a start soon after term begins, so do not miss the starting date and particularly the deadline for registration.

Parishioners registration

Please let the Parish Office know if your circumstances has changed - name, address, contact details. Please email us with the up to date information—

Yoga for All

The new terms will commence in September. The gentle Monday class is particularly suitable for the older person. My home phone no. is 0208 5049035 or email

Baby-changing facility

Someone alerted us to the fact that nowadays fathers as well as mothers take their share of changing babies’ nappies. No sooner mentioned than our very efficient parish office provided the needed equipment. Babies can now be changed at both ends of the lavatorial premises. How well we are served.

Parish Council awayday

In two weeks’ time our Councillors will rise early of a Saturday morning and gather at Chigwell. There we will reflect on our task and how we can better serve you all. You can play a part by praying for the success of these few hours. The role of a Parish Pastoral Council is growing. We are unclear about many things. We do know the Holy Spirit is actively guiding us. Pray that we let him in.

The Salvation Army

as part of their baby bank they are raising money to help local families afford the new school shoes and uniform for children starting school in September. Visit for more information and to donate.

Sr Josephine Holy Family

We offer our sympathy to the sisters of the Holy Family on the death of Sr Josephine at the ripe age of 99. Sister Josephine did much for our parish first in her teaching and then as a committed member of our parish pastoral care. We owe her much for her life committed to prayer.


CAFOD supporters from Brentwood diocese including our own parish of St Thomas’ gathered in Parliament Square for THE TIME IS NOW! lobby on 26 June.

A retreat

I spent a few days with the Poor Clares in Arundel last week, sharing their life of prayer and trying to catch a little of its momentum. They are a community bursting with joy and vitality. Day and night their prayer in song seems that of the angels, supported by organ, zither and occasional drums. They get regular voice tuition from an opera teacher. Again in October we are going to set aside 24 hours during which we will try to engage in their practice. It requires some forethought and preparation. Already much is in place. The need is for each of us to take it seriously.

Communion preparation

You have already seen much publicity about the deadline for applications to join this programme. Experience shows that in the past not all have taken it seriously enough. We want to do better this year. The catechists and organisers of the programme have already spent much time in preparing for the sessions beginning next month. The question I shall put to applicants is: Are you really serious about it? Do you understand that it is a process that involves you and your family? Are you ready to share consistently in the regular life of our parish family that offers so much deep joy and formation to your young charges? More anon.

2019 AGM Minutes

In accordance with the constitution the AGM minutes have been published on the website. These will be presented for approval at the AGM in 2020. If you have any questions or points of clarification please email them to the Parish Office. Click here to read more

A Defibrillator will soon be available

We have kindly been gifted a defibrillator, by the Tudisca family through their #forissy fundraising campaign, in memory of their daughter and intend to install it in the Parish Office Corridor next to the First Aid cupboard. The machine will be simple to use and talks you through exactly what to do in an emergency when a person has a cardiac arrest. In fifty percent of cases where there has been a successful outcome the machine was used by people with absolutely no previous experience whatsoever. However some basic training is advised and before installing the machine we intend to organise a training session sometime in the autumn term. We are not sure at this time but some First Aid traini

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