Feast of St Francis: Transitus Saturday 7.30 pm

Since it falls this coming Sunday, the masses of that day will be of his feast rather than the 26th Sunday. We begin the celebration at the time he died, on the preceding evening, with a moving re-enactment of Francis’ gradual approach to death. We friars will act it out with recorded songs and music, and I hope plenty of visuals as we hear accounts of the key episodes of his life. It will be done in church at 7.30pm this coming Saturday and we welcome you to join us in church if you would care to. It will also be streamed and you can find it on the same address as the streamed Sunday masses:


I congratulate our 62 young parishioners who received the sacrament of confirmation this past week. The masses were celebrated with minimum fuss but full respect for covid caution. I thank the wonderful team who with Fr Michael O’Kane first carried out an excellent programme of preparation. It took the young people deep into understanding how a true catholic lives their life today. They looked at the contemporary scene, raw and often forbidding, and resolved to make their serious contribution to mending it through their faith-practice.

Journey of Faith

The new season of this Journey began ten days ago. We welcomed 4 new travellers to join one who had started late in last year’s programme. We were well spaced-out in the Henrietta Suite and hope we will continue our search each week. More friends are always welcome.

Family Fast day

Next Sunday CAFOD are due for one of their normal 2 annual collections. They have provided the customary envelopes available as you leave the church today. Perhaps you can bring them back next Sunday, filled with the product of the self-denial you have chosen and put them in a basket separate from the main church collection. This will help our search to find valid ways to help many in all sorts of need.

Retiring collections

You are familiar in a normal year with an announcement at the end of Mass: “As you leave there is a retiring collection for…” In this way a wide range of charities, serving catholic and humane causes raise the money they need. Our parish Finance Committee gave thought to them. How can we help to make up for their loss of revenue? Very many of you give much in all sorts of directions. Can we do anything to help those losing their collections at church door?

Heating replacement

Amid the coronavirus gloom there is one piece of good news. Almost a year ago we told you of our project to renew the heating of our entire plant at St Thomas. The cost looked impossible. Then Covid19 struck and shut down several good ventures to raise some money as well as any progress towards heating. But now the contractors are making their bids, and a start is possibly only a few months away. You responded with your customary generosity, and already have produced nearly 20% of the parish liability. That is huge. Much credit to Andrew Dodd and his two principal colleagues who have shouldered the unwelcome task of fund -raising. He is still quietly nudging to find the rest of the money

Bible Prayer Meeting

Welcome to our regular meeting -in the Becket Centre –(under Covid guidelines )— Henrietta suite----on Tuesday 6th October at 2:15pm. You will be invited to listen & share, if you so wish, on the Gospel of the following Sunday’s reading. Looking forward to meeting YOU there.

Parish annual sponsored walk for Brentwood Catholic Children's Society (bccs)

Parish annual sponsored walk for Brentwood Catholic Children's Society (bccs) - David Underwood As parishioners may know, the sponsored walk for Brentwood Catholic Children's Society (bccs) is something we have held in our parish in each of the past 11 years. Last year was our most successful in terms of numbers taking part and funds raised for this deserving local children's charity. See this link to the parish website for these past walks This year I have not felt able to organise in the traditional way the circular walk from Becket Centre through Epping Forest due to the Covid-19 restrictions and I am doing instead a "virtual fun walk" as outlined by 

Sacrament of Confirmation 2020

Last Pentecost in the month of May 62 of our young people were ready and eager to receive the Holy Spirit. They had engaged with much interest in a very good preparation programme. The programme was completed last week. Between masses on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week they will receive the sacrament of confirmation. Each of the candidates will be accompanied only by their parents and one sponsor. But the great thing is that the 2020 programme will have been completed. I congratulate all: participants, families, and the leaders who have helped them all to look hard at their personal faith and belief. It is now for all of us to pray for them: that they join us in all the pray

Helping us stay open Church cleaning

If you can assist please let the parish office know or if you attend a mass and can help the stewards at the end to clean the church it would be greatly appreciated All help however little, helps in these strange times

School Vacancies

Teaching Assistant – St Joachim’s Primary School, Custom House, London Headteacher – St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School, Grays Deputy Headteacher – Sacred Heart Primary School, Southend-On-Sea Deputy Headteacher – St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Stanford-Le-Hope Headteacher – Holy Family Primary School, Benfleet

Certificates of practice

Please let us have a family photo with details of the masses you would normally attend. Provide the full name of you child, his/her date of birth, and your current address. This can be emailed to

Church Donations

On-line donations Thank you to those parishioners who have used the Diocese of Brentwood on-line donation website. For those who maybe interested the site can be found at By Standing order Contact the parish office for details

To book to attend a Mass

Visit the Parish Office which is open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1.30pm OR Phone the office on 020 8504 1686 (answering machine available) Or email us at We will need the nam es of those attending in your hous ehold/bubble and a contact number Bookings MUST be made by Thursday each week

Heroic steward-cleaners

There will be mass for you each Monday at 7pm, Wednesday and Friday at 10am. Why not more frequent? Because the needed precautions put a heavy strain on our stewards who care for you and scrupulously clean each time the church is used. Through 5 weeks they have given their time and service most generously for first communions, funerals, baptisms and a wedding. Without them we cannot open our doors. I thank them for their generosity. And I look for more to share the load. Can you offer?

The sacrament of reconciliation

Call it penance, confession, reconciliation: none of the names does it justice. But one good thing is the growing number who are now phoning for an appointment to sit with a priest to receive this channel of God’s love. For the essence of the sacrament lies in two friends who sit in mutual trust, quietly probing and exploring depths of personal life that are not shared with anybody else. The purpose? “Lord make me know you that I may know myself. Make me know myself that I may know you.”


This is now available on our website, it should help you discuss with your child the reading at the Sunday masses during September.

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