Preparation for children who will begin to receive communion next May has already started. The deadline for enrolment falls this Friday and no further applications will be accepted after that date. There are already so many enrolled that we must divide them into two gr...

The Parish Council (PC), our insurers and many parishioners have for some time been concerned about the risks of fire and personal injury, especially to children, being caused by the lighted wax votive candles in front of Saint Anthony’s statue and on the Lady Altar. 


Reopens on Thursday, 5th of September at 2pm. Everybody is welcome. Come and enjoy the company, tea and cake. 

A team of Waltham Forest Citizens are meeting with some of the team redesigning the Whipps Cross Hospital, to hear their thoughts on the inclusion of new affordable housing and future plans for the hospital. St Thomas Citizens are also invited to attend the meeting on...

Taking place at High Beech Church on Sun afternoon 15th September “Wedding Favourites” delivered with ceremonial aplomb by the Asaph Trumpet Guild with soprano Nicola Hooke. Concerts will begin at 2.30pm and 4.00pm. High Beech Church is near the junction of Avey Lane &...

Partnership meeting on Oct 3rd on YOUTH. Visit for details. 

Despite our pleas to the contrary: Last Sunday there were twelve votive candles burning while precariously balanced on ledges of the candelabra in front of St Antony. From time to time we see very young children playing with the lighted candles, moving them around the...

Our catechists have been busy during the holidays preparing for the instruction of children who will begin to receive communion next May. There are changes, for the better. We will need to make a start soon after term begins, so do not miss the starting date and partic...

Please let the Parish Office know if your circumstances has changed - name, address, contact details. Please email us with the up to date information— 

Don’t forget to pop in for some refreshment's after 11. 30am Mass in the Becket Centre 

The new terms will commence in September. The gentle Monday class is particularly suitable for the older person. My home phone no. is 0208 5049035 or email 

Someone alerted us to the fact that nowadays fathers as well as mothers take their share of changing babies’ nappies. No sooner mentioned than our very efficient parish office provided the needed equipment. Babies can now be changed at both ends of the lavatorial premi...

In two weeks’ time our Councillors will rise early of a Saturday morning and gather at Chigwell. There we will reflect on our task and how we can better serve you all. You can play a part by praying for the success of these few hours. The role of a Parish Pastoral Coun...

as part of their baby bank they are raising money to help local families afford the new school shoes and uniform for children starting school in September. Visit for more information and...

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