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Dear Parishioners

We really would like your opinion on the sound system at St Thomas of Canterbury Church. 

Before the lockdown some commented that they were finding it difficult to hear what was being said. We realise that there may be several reasons for this. 

For example some issues may relate to the use of the microphone by priests and readers others may relate to the quality of the equipment and clarity of sound. 

In order to know how much of a problem this is we would like you to complete the survey below. It would help us enormously if all adult members of the family would do this so that if there is a problem we are aware how many are affected. 


Please indicate below your answer to the questions. 

Please could you indicate your age?
How would you describe your hearing?
Is there a particular Mass you usually attend?
Generally is the quality of the sound system in the Church adequate for you to hear both the Celebrant and the readers clearly?
If not adequate is this just occasional or regularly occurring?
How good do you rate the sound system in the Church?

Thanks for submitting!

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