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“ Mass on the Grass” – by a participant. 

The Day arrived. JUNE 10th ….”D Day “

The weather was cloudy but fine , with a hint of the glorious sun which was to follow.

Our Music Group assembled one by one, nervously clutching sheets of printed paper with notes of quavers & semi-quavers …but we had been preceded by another gang of musicians and technicians who had arrived previously 4 hours before us at 7am. These were THE PROFESSIONALS…who had set up mikes , amplifying systems , recording apparatus etc. etc. in their usual dignified way , with the least fuss or disruption to their neighbouring friars.

The outdoor Mass was expected to begin by 11:30, and various booths , stalls, canopies , tents had been erected to shield the Mass-goers, and the Celebrants from the gentle breeze. Also tried and trusted merchants of fruit, novelties, cakes, & merchandise were hovering over their wares in the background .

Only a few of the expected parishioners had arrived by 11:15, and we saw a huge rug being placed in a hopeful situation . However by the time of Mass ,the lawn was filling quickly with families, friends , the usual attendees of 10am Mass +++ an aura of Mass celebrants.

The usual Hymns began , the Gloria was intoned and the Music Group came alive  !

Readings included the Pope’s words from his encyclical “Amoris” on the duties of parents & the need for good relationships in families. The homily reflected again on the need for more involvement of the Laity in the day –to –day running of the community we call Church .


As the Mass proceeded the weather became hotter—maybe the Holy Spirit got stronger ? However the response from the congregation was positive , and the Group were being ably lead by its director, who never failed us. The background instrumentalists excelled themselves in their sound performance of these hymns and tunes which were new to some , but familiar to others. There was complete harmony ----or so it seemed from  those taking part.

After some time the Mass ended--& after a quick lunch the Group were back on track with more hymns interspersed with some favourite tunes from the past---sacred and secular ---which went down a treat with the congregation who had now become participants. We sang ….They danced !

Mums, dads , children , grans, & grand--dads-----all enjoyed the Dance. And the sun shone and danced on the Day we had Mass on the Green !!!

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