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The Catholic community responds to the refugee crisis

Pictured left, Chris Driscoll Community Participation Coordinator – CAFOD Brentwood Volunteer Centre holding the Lampedusa cross outside Brentwood Cathedral's Door of Mercy. Sicilian carpenter Francesco Tuccio made rough crosses from the wreckage of a boat carrying refugees that sank off the island of Lampedusa. The crosses were offered to survivors as a symbol of their rescue and a sign of hope. A cross is held by each Diocese in England and Wales. The Lampedusa Cross has been taken to schools across the diocese and has featured in a number of assemblies, liturgies and moments of prayer and reflection. The cross is a powerful symbol of the unfolding tragedy of the refugee crisis across the world, and many have expressed how moved they have been in its presence. See more on the CAFOD Brentwood blog>>>

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