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'In the life of an artisanal gold miner, every day is a lottery, but no one ever seems to win.' We know that gold isn't a regular on our shopping list? it’s not like tea or bananas! For many, it’s a very special, once in a lifetime purchase. Where gold comes from is not something we think about very often, which is why the terrible reality of small-scale gold mining is not well-known. Up to 16 million people work in small-scale gold mining worldwide, often due to poverty and a lack of alternative options. The dangers are endless and often unavoidable from pit collapse and mercury poisoning to child labour and exploitation. Recently, photographer Ian Berry visited Africa’s first fairtrade certified gold mine and also documented the worst conditions of non-fairtrade artisanal mines in Uganda. The visit and his striking images were featured in the Telegraph's magazine. So why not make yourself a Fairtrade cuppa and read it here now>>>

Say "I do" to Fairtrade gold >>>

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