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Edelmira and Martir are farmers in El Salvador. They live on and depend on their land. The harvest they reap is used to put food on the table, and sold to buy essential items such as clothes and medicine.

CAFOD's partner, Solidaridad CVX, are working with farmers like Edelmira and Martir to provide training and reintroduce native seeds that were used generations ago. These seeds are strong and able to grow in the warm, rainy climate, ensuring that farmers are able to harvest crops, and with that, the surety that they will be able to provide for their families.

By donating to CAFOD's Harvest Fast Day appeal you can plant the seeds for an abundant future. Take a CAFOD envelope home after Mass and return it next week with any donation you feel able make.

If you are unable to collect or did not receive an envelope, click here>>> to donate online.

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