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Latest news on Renewal and Restructuring from Brentwood diocese received under the Steward of the Go

As mentioned in the newsletter, Brentwood has now published the

First Formal Proposal for renewal and restructuring of the diocese

which can be accessed by clicking the above.

A video message from our Bishop Alan may be accessed by clicking

Bishop’s message

and clicking on the play button.

Do listen to the Bishop and read the draft Diocesan plan for the next 20 years; discuss it with your friends and family, pray and discern and email your comments to I will try to persuade the PPC to arrange one or more open evenings to discuss the meaning and ramifications of the proposal for our parish. Please look on this page for developments.

The document will be discussed at length by the

Parish Consultative Group who meet next on 4 December 2017 2pm Assisi room

If anyone would like to join the PCG, please contact me. Indeed, if any parishioner wishes to make any comment on topics covered in this newsletter s/he can email her/his observation/comment to

The feed back on the previous diocesan document published in September may be seen by clicking

Feedback on WTTEOD2

The minutes of the latest PCG meeting can be seen by clicking the links

Minutes of PCG on July 30, 2017

Minutes of the PCG on Sept 3, 2017

William Yeung, Steward of the Gospel

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