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Message from Fr Quentin

We know the many reasons – educational, social, psychological, and emotional – why your children need to go to school. We share your anxieties and pray for their safety.

It is just as essential that your children and you now come back regularly to mass. We have in place most elaborate precautions. The dangers in church are far less than the complications of a school.

We have been fortunate to enjoy streaming of masses in the pandemic. But mass is not for spectators. It is an event through which God gives himself to us. We hear him, we touch him, he comes materially to us, made as we are of matter as well as spirit. Above all, it is essential that those who have now started to receive communion learn by regular sharing in the mass. How do you learn to love? How do you teach your children to love? It is by regular repetition of word, gift, patient forgiveness and example. Bring them to mass.

We are introducing a revised Mass timetable from 5th September 2020

Monday 7pm

Wednesday 10am followed by the Rosary

Friday 10am

Saturday 10am

Saturday: 6pm by appointment ONLY

Sunday: 9am and 11am by appointment ONLY The Bishops Conference suspension of the obligation to attend Sunday services is still in place so any Mass you attend each week has equal validity. However, as we become comfortable with living with the Covid restrictions we wanted to offer more opportunity for our Church community to come together to support each other and share a reflective time of worship. Therefore, if you are able to attend one of the weekday Masses it may be preferable to do so in order to allow more availability at the weekend for those who are working during the week. The capacity of the church has been reduced in line with Government guidance and therefore only a limited number of people will be allowed during each Mass. No standing is permitted and children MUST be seated in the Bench allocated with their parents/guardians. To ensure the health and safety of all parishioners coming to Mass please make sure that you are in the church at least 10 minutes before the start of Mass so that the Stewards are able to seat you in plenty of time. The Stewards will also direct you when it is time to receive Holy Communion. Also, please make sure that you sanitise your hands when you arrive.

There will be no singing during Mass.

The toilets will be closed so please make sure that you go before you come!

All the arrangements that we are putting in place will be continually assessed and reviewed as we move forward with the process of reopening the church.

What you need to do to book to attend Mass on Saturday 6pm & Sunday 9am & 11am Masses

· There can only be one household(Bubble) on a bench (To a maximum of 7)

· Bookings must include a contact number for "Track and Trace" purposes

· You (or your household) MUST NOT come to church if you show any symptoms of Covid 19

· Bookings can be made

- in person Monday to Thursday 9.30am to 11.30am (at the Parish office)

- by e-mail

- by telephone 02085041686

· When you book you will be allocated a specific bench for mass, you must use this bench only

· You can only make one booking per household

· You cannot book for more than one mass at a time

· You cannot make Regular or multiple bookings e.g. every Sunday at 9.00am

· You will need to sanitise your hands before and during mass

· Masks/face coverings must be worn at all times

· No standing is permitted in Church

· Children must remain in the Bench with their family

· If you develop symptoms after attending Mass you must contact the Parish Office to inform them

· Please arrive 10 minutes before Mass is due to commence

· These arrangements will be kept under review

If you cannot attend Mass you can always join us for our On-line service

We are now using Church Services TV to show masses and other services as appropriate online (both live and recorded). To view a mass or other service please click Mass Online on our website as normal. This will take you to the mass Player. Just click on the button to view the mass. If you want to view services recorded up to August 2020 then please click on the Mass Archive button on our website home page.

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