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CAFOD - Lent family fast appeal

A message from Chris Driscoll, Community Participation Coordinator CAFOD - Brentwood Diocese

"To parishioners at St Thomas of Canterbury, Woodford Green, thank you for your very generous support for CAFOD’s Lent Family Fast Day appeal. Your parish of raised a total of £1793 which will be doubled to £3586 with government match funding.

Peanut butter is a great source of protein and nutrients for malnourished children. This donation could buy peanut seeds for almost 600 families. It could buy 128 families all the seeds they need to begin a vegetable garden. Or it could train up to 97 health workers and new mothers to identify the early effects of malnutrition in babies and children and save many lives.

Your donations will make a huge difference to people’s lives in Zimbabwe, Eritrea and Uganda”.

For more information about the work of CAFOD go to

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