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From the Fairtrade Foundation

It’s World Fair Trade Day and all around the world people are coming together to stand for fairness and show support for the people who grow our food.

To mark this special day, we're celebrating some of the Fairtrade pioneers that have created their entire businesses with farmers at the heart of everything they do. Zaytoun is one of these brilliant organisations.

In our new blog you can read how Zaytoun are supporting Palestinian farmers like Bassema Barahmeh (pictured below) through their unique challenges, such as highly restricted access to land and water, with dignity.

'My life has been transformed by Fairtrade. I have a say in my household and in my community. It has given me independence.' says Bassema, Board Member of the Palestine Fair Trade Association, olive farmer and mother of four.


Because when you choose Fairtrade you stand for fairness.

Happy World Fair Trade Day!


Supporter Team, Fairtrade Foundation

PS You'll find more stories from farmers over on our Facebook page. Please show your support by sharing them with your friends and family.

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