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Is your faith-life frozen? I see many people who come to Sunday mass with us, live a good life, harm no one, and are busy with job and domestic details. But their faith-life trundles round a narrow circular track. It is ill-fed and sometimes leads to a total disenchantment with church and even God. The remedy: to get involved actively in giving to the church family by committing to join one of the groups feeding parish life.

Are we misogynist? The church is frequently criticised for this undoubted failure – and sin. I see the majority of our church cleaners, leaders of Sunday children’s liturgy and communion preparation are the ladies. The Parish Council now boasts only 3 ladies, the rest are all men. We much need the special insights and talents for resolving doubts and difficulties by gentle love that the feminine touch brings to every undertaking. The Council must grow in authority and real effectiveness if our parish is to thrive. We need keen vigorous members, especially ladies to offer their service at the Parish AGM on July 15th

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