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Good News – Streaming Mass is back!

We are pleased to say that Streaming Mass is back at St Thomas. We were overwhelmed by the level of support for streaming mass on social media, by email and in personal conversations. It was clearly demonstrated that this is something that is wanted and needed in our parish. One parishioner wanted to know how to show this to her sick sister, another said that this would have been of enormous comfort to his parents before their deaths when they were unable to get to church any longer.

It is clearly the will of the people of the parish that streaming mass should continue. In this respect we are somewhat behind the times. Many churches already show mass online and one parishioner told me that in 1999 it was a dream of Fr Austin Kinsella, then parish priest, that we should be able to bring mass to the sick and housebound in this way.

We will therefore resume the service starting with the 8.30am mass this Sunday and then the 6pm mass on Saturday 7th July. If you have any questions about this or need any help in how to watch mass online please mail

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