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Children for Holy Communion

We are starting the teaching programme early because there is much to do. We ask all parents who wish their child to begin to receive communion next May or June to come to a meeting on one of two dates: Saturday 17th at 9.45 am or Wednesday 21st at 6.30. The preparation programme has been a delightful experience for the families concerned in recent years. For you parents this is a major part of your child’s education. Not just for his/her 70 or 80 years or more on this earth, but for eternity.

We will give you an excellent work book which we expect you to work through regularly with your child. It is fun. There will be group learning sessions for the children. But you parents need to be aware of how you will use the materials we provide and we will help you.

I am most grateful to Nicola and Teresa who are willing yet again to give many hours to help with the task. And delighted that Gretel will now join them. But do not think of them as the teachers to whom you can leave it all. You are the teachers – or else the neglecters. Your child’s spiritual life depends on you and your practice.

To make way for you this coming Saturday the morning mass will be at – for Saturday 17th only.

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