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Lent: a preparation for Easter

We look forward to giving the sacrament of baptism on Easter night to one “catechumen” and receiving two others already baptised into full communion of our church. Together with several hundred from other parishes seeking to join our church they were welcomed last Sunday by the bishop in the Rite of Election. It was good to see so many, not fazed or deterred by the problems and bad publicity of abuse, but eager to become part of our church.

Lent is a period of more intense preparation for these who have travelled the Journey of Faith for many months. Our duty is to ease their way into full catholic practice. They have learned much but that is the less necessary part. They need you to give them the feel of the family. Of all of us who support each other in many ways, and go out to meet all manner of human distress and need in practicing our faith. We of the parish are alongside them in using Lent to renew our prayer and practice, as God “takes out of our bodies the heart of stone and gives us a heart of flesh.” (Ezekiel) All the constituent groups and services of the parish need new blood. Draw them in.

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