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The Easter Vigil Mass

On April 20th it will start at 9pm this year because it has to begin in the dark. It is the most important event in the year for anyone living a Christian life. It centres on the sacrament of baptism. Do you ever think of your baptism and the lasting effect it has in shaping your life? Inevitably we are preoccupied with the demands of daily life in a fast-moving world. Job, career, family, home-making, money, health: these are the urgent matters that demand our attention.

But underneath baptism is the most significant event and reality of life. What started that day weaves through all our daily preoccupations, but steadily moves us on to our destiny of resurrection beyond the grave.

That is why the ceremony of Easter night is so important. It is not over-long. It is dramatic with dark and light, water and oil splashing, and at St Thomas of Canterbury good music. It will be great to have a full church joining in the action and vocals– and a party after to celebrate the end of Lent. More next week.

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