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Are you coming home?

A question, I am sure, that has been asked many times in many different situations. However, in this particular case we are talking about the church. Do you feel it is your home? Would you like it to be your home? What can we do to make you feel at home?

The Landings programme is a series of meetings, led by lay people, for those wishing to reconnect with their Catholic faith. Through a series of questions, discussions and sharing of personal experiences we want to welcome you home.

Landings provides a space with support, respect and confidentiality. Its aim is to lead each participant to feel at ease, at home, affirmed not just within the Landings programme but also within the Church. We hope that through our discussions we can discover how God is present in our lives not only through the good but also through the difficult times.

We invite you to come with an open heart, a readiness to listen and for your voice to be heard.

To find out more contact William Yeung:

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