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A Phoenix?

And if you turn your eyes to the building you can see the Blessed Sacrament Chapel roof fresh-clad in new underwear, awaiting its final canopy. An aspect of the friary is already decked with new tiles that should keep out wind and storm for more generations than we shall count. There is prospect that the whole re-roofing project will be completed well within the forecasted time-span. Further intimations suggest our present balance in the Building Fund will cover the parish portion of the expense.

So please enjoy the day. And feel that this is the way forward to being a vibrant part of the new shape the church is to take in the Diocese of Brentwood in the coming years. Paul wrote To the Churches. Each was a close-knit local community that learned in the shared simple elements of its life to love Jesus in his church, in his world, and in each other. Of such communities is the body of Christ even now being built.

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