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Corpus Christi

Today is the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. It is a day to stop and think what happens at Mass. At the centre of each mass the climax comes when we hear the priest say: This is my body...This is my blood… But who brings Jesus down on the altar? It is not just the priest. It is all of us. Jesus needs readers to proclaim God’s word. He needs helpers to distribute his body and blood in the form of bread and wine; welcomers and ushers who help all to move in orderly fashion, sacristans and collectors to prepare and receive the gifts. Very much he needs voices to speak and sing supported by musicians. Above all he needs hearts that pour in love.

So please think today: I am not just “going to mass”. Think “I am going to play an essential part in enabling Jesus to come down to the altar, and into the hearts and minds of us all.” Together we bring Jesus down to us in bodily form.

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