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Today I know there will be very many exhausted by the work you have done to create and carry through the Parish Fete. I do thank you. I hope we can pause a little to draw breath as we embark on the final stage of the school – and therefore parish – year.

A postscript to last week’s item about the Mass. You have probably heard often the statement that every baptised person is a priest. At your baptism the priest said: As Christ was anointed priest prophet and king, so may you live always as a member of his body. You do not have the role and ministry of those ordained priest by a bishop. But you are part of Christ’s body: as he worships, feeds and heals, governs and teaches in the contemporary world. Coming to mass makes so much more sense when you can see how you are essential contributors rather than passive spectators.

Can we try, perhaps in the autumn, to liven up our sharing?

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