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Parish AGM

About 50 came last Sunday to show their interest in our parish. It was a good meeting. First it affirmed a great deal of achievement of the past year. Next: it showed that now you are taking over the “running” of the parish. The priests’ job is to preach and pray. The rest is yours. Much has been done by the pro-active Parish Council, but supported by many personal initiatives and much steady application covering wide areas of practical and pastoral concerns. Looking to the future there was enthusiasm for the tasks ahead. They are varied in kind and at various stages of planning and execution. Replacement of the roofs is nearing completion; there is a time-scale for replacing the heating. The needs look daunting. But you showed a sense of being glad to take your part. Much better that, than simply moving through old routines. The foundation is well laid.

As with all families there are differences of view. It was healthy that some deep-felt hurts and grievances found expression. Though these were not immediately resolved the good will and love of the parish were evident. There was a plea that we be reconciled that I heartily endorse. We went our several ways hoping to start the new year united to face our task again. And always with joy.

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