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A Defibrillator will soon be available

We have kindly been gifted a defibrillator, by the Tudisca family through their #forissy fundraising campaign, in memory of their daughter and intend to install it in the Parish Office Corridor next to the First Aid cupboard.

The machine will be simple to use and talks you through exactly what to do in an emergency when a person has a cardiac arrest. In fifty percent of cases where there has been a successful outcome the machine was used by people with absolutely no previous experience whatsoever.

However some basic training is advised and before installing the machine we intend to organise a training session sometime in the autumn term. We are not sure at this time but some First Aid training may be included.

As yet we do not have a date for this but welcome applications of interest from anyone in the parish especially if responsible for groups of any sort. We are particularly thinking of ushers from various Masses, leaders of scouts, guides or others using the Becket Centre or Church. If interested please contact the Parish Office leaving name, contact details and responsibilities.

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