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While all attention has been focussed on covid19, some have still kept up their insistence on providing affordable housing. For several years our parish Telco team has put pressure on those making major housing decisions. Recently Redbridge were given planning permission for building the first batch of Community Land Trust houses. I quote Redbridge Council press release:

“Each CLT home will be sold to a local resident at prices linked to local incomes, meaning they will be approximately half the cost of similar homes on the open market. Then, when those residents move on, the homes will be sold at a price again linked to local incomes, guaranteeing their affordability for generations to come.

“The idea came from local residents being fed up of seeing local people being priced out of the neighbourhood they call home, and having to leave their friends, family and community for good.” That action is you. Years ago many of you gave £1 each to CLT.

Well done.

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