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Prepare ye the way of the Lord

So far you have used the church well in preparation for the Lord’s 2019 coming. A large number came to the Ecumenical Advent service last Sunday. It is well to be reminded that we should value and do more to build our good relations with sister churches in the locality. We are all sharing what Matthew Arnold described as “the long roar of the receding tide of faith”. Carol services usually retell the story of how Christ came in the past. On Sunday six other churches joined us to concentrate on the theme of Advent. We felt something of the cold of a world without Jesus – just so that we appreciate what a gift he is. There are many today whose world has no place or trace of Jesus. At times they feel the lack, without knowing what they are missing. The tea and pies that followed were an important chance to talk to others with whom we share deeply.

On Monday evening some came for the reconciliation service. There is still time if you wish for confession before Christmas. Just ring the doorbell. Priests will be in church at the usual times next Saturday as well.

Then on Tuesday St Antony’s school filled the church for their Carol service. After unprecedented levels of absence through illness, and hence a lack of practice, the children provided an orchestra, drama and voices to a very high standard. Well done to the children and particularly their teachers. We look forward to more sharing between school and parish when the New Year begins.

The coming week brings Trinity Carol Service on Wednesday 18th December in the lower site at 7.30pm.

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