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Know your faith

Each Lent we try to present a programme of talks or discussions equipping us to grapple with faith issues and what our church is in the contemporary world. A group of the Parish Council have discussed and researched hard to find a topic that will grip your interest and be real for you. When we talked about family and marriage it came alive. Subsequent offerings did not reveal much interest. This year we are going to look at the reality of the background in which children grow up. There are good things available that previous generations have not known. There are also new threats and problems. Important that we are not negative about these. God has set the task and the present conditions within which our young people grow to maturity. In and through the talks we intend he is offering all some help, knowledge and skills to support and enable them.

So in prospect there are 3 evenings which will be addressed and managed by well-qualified experts who are dealing professionally with this whole area. Will you come? Details shortly.

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