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Coronavirus Precautions

Hymn Books & Order of Services

On advice we have removed these from use at this time.

Collection plates

on advice we will stop the passing of baskets from hand to hand. In future you will be able to leave your offering in the plastic box (which can be easily sanitized) provided either at the start or the end of Masses.

Perhaps during this time of reducing contact you may wish to consider making your offering by standing order, if so, please complete the form on the table.

Sign of peace:

please do not make physical contact. Simply smile and nod.

Holy communion

Priests and ministers will sterilize hands before and after giving communion.

The chalice will not be offered

Communion will only be given in the hand It will not be given on the tongue.

Holy water has been removed from the church.

Children liturgy

There will be no children liturgy after 10am Mass till the further notice.

General Hygiene Advice

 Do not come to church if ill with cough, cold or flu like symptoms

 "Catch it, Bin it, Kill it"

 Wash hands before starting a task and after finishing.

Please also consider checking on anyone you know who lives alone to see if they need any help.

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