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Holy Week

Paul and Mike are still struggling with less than perfect technologies and showing great initiative and inventiveness. We hope to offer you the following menu for the Holy Week services.

 Palm Sunday: Procession of palms and mass at 10 am

 Maundy Thursday: 8pm Mass of the Last Supper with washing of feet

 Good Friday: Way of the Cross at 3 pm

 Holy Saturday: Easter vigil at 8 pm

If your reception seems dim on Holy Saturday do not adjust your sets. We start in the (semi) dark. God is dead. So we go back to basics: hearing the story of First Creation and that of the Jews led out of Egypt to freedom through the Red Sea. The Easter candle proclaims: Jesus is alive! We have light and hope for a better future. Water is blessed as the medium of real life.

 Easter Sunday: Mass at 10 am

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