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Church opening

Things are nearly always more complicated than expected. We asked for open churches – though not all deemed it wise. From Monday we can open for individual visits. But Oh - the complications.

There are stringent conditions to be obeyed. Chief among them is that at least 2 stewards must be in attendance at all times access is permitted. And after each open period the areas accessed by the public must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. The Office are well ahead in there preparation of the church, provisions of signage, hand sanitisers and notices.

We cannot start until we have volunteers, themselves not vulnerable, ready and willing to spend an hour or more ensuring all regulations are carefully observed.

I think we cannot complain. We want everyone to be completely safe and no threat to others. I believe the same requirements are made of any shop or venture that will open to public use this week.

Many catholic churches are not opening. I find that any parish I have consulted is only opening its church for shortish designated periods in the week.

All is provisional. We have decided to open for 3 periods of 2 hours duration: On

Tuesday 10am —12 noon

Thursday 2pm - 4pm

Saturday 10am to 12 noon

We will review it after this week

And pray for the day when we can return “rejoicing into the house of God” to celebrate mass together.

The Office will reopen for visitors on Monday

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