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“Life cycle ceremonies”

We can now have baptisms, funerals and weddings in church. Strict conditions are laid down by government and our bishops’ instructions comply with these.


30 families are waiting to baptise their new treasure. Deacon Matthew and we are ready to provide the sacrament for one family at a time. The number attending the ceremony has to be restricted and we will ask you to inform us in advance of the number you wish to take part. We have discussed carefully how we will maintain social distancing throughout the ceremony. If you wish to arrange a date please phone the parish office and you will receive more details of what is possible.


These are now permitted in church. As for all events in church no singing is allowed. We have been conducting funerals in cemeteries throughout the lockdown. Given the restrictions many families have found it better to have a funeral service in the cemetery. We have to discuss with each family how best to provide the consolations of catholic practice for them in these conditions.


Practically all those booked have been postponed for a time when a more liberal social gathering and celebration is possible. One brave couple have decided that the sacrament is more important than the manner of celebrating that prevails today, and will marry here in August. Well done!

First Communion and Confirmation

Here we come to the big problem. More than 100 children are ready. How can we give them the meeting with Jesus to which they so look forward? We are working on this. Similarly with the sacrament of confirmation for which 70 young people are waiting. We hope to have some suggestions for you soon.

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