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Be Watchful

Recently a scam mail has been sent out purportedly from a member of our Parish asking for money who’s Email account had been hacked.

Please note that no member or group in the Parish (This includes Friars, Fundraising, Franciscan Missions, The Holy Land and SVP) will email you individually asking for money.

Any appeals of this sort will always be part of a general appeal in the Newsletter or as part of the general Fundraising scheme.

Before parting with any money for any reason, especially relating to Charitable activities please ensure that those asking for money are bone fide and not part of a scam.

Useful Website:

Website Update

Our parish Communications team have created a page on our website entitled Keep Yourself Safe - Fraud Prevention and Security.

This contains various tips and articles to enable you to identify fraudulent activity and also action to take if you have been the victim of fraud. The key point is Be Suspicious! Just because a phone call or an email appears to be from a priest, a church group or a trusted parishioner do not assume that is the case. Do not give away any personal information! Check independently whether this is genuine or not. Do not be pressured into making an immediate decision.

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