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A watershed

The pandemic has acted as a watershed in St Thomas parish. The component parts and agencies have to differing degrees hibernated though some have worked more intensely. Looking to resume three masses on a Sunday caused consternation: Do we have the necessary people to serve? We had plenty of ministers of communion, readers, singers and instrumentalists and all the rest. Some move away, age and illness sap energies, circumstances change. It is inevitable. We need to replenish each of the groups which together make St Thomas such a great parish. It is by engaging in one or more of these services that you find interest, joy, a sense of achievement that generally escapes those who merely receive the service.

This said, I must add: I am daily aware of so many who have given their time energy and love generously, and now find the increasing years prevent them continuing as they would love to. They have moved on to an even more important task, like Martha’s sister Mary in the Gospel. Simply to listen to the Lord and pray for us and all.

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