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Captain John and Captain Naomi Clifton

We active members of Telco have been privileged to work with Ilford Salvation Army on various projects. We saw how the Army is putting into practice what we know as Catholic Social Teaching. They serve people reduced in stature by poverty, misfortune, neglect. Not only do they meet material needs. When you go to their church in Ilford you see the recipients sharing the healing ministry, taking an equal and active part. That is pure Pope Francis. Captains John and Naomi Clifton are moving on with their two children having improved the lot of the afflicted here for 10 years. They leave us with a mountain of achievement on which to build. In your name I thank them for their friendship, love and inspiration and wish them well in their next appointment.

Many of us have enjoyed their company and working with them.

If you would like to add your good wishes there is a card for the purpose in the parish office, with room for many messages.

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