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I was wrong in suggesting that Genevieve and Laura, honoured in the New Year Honours list with award of the BEM, are members of our SVP. The award was for their work in the Redbridge Food Bank. Nonetheless it is good to draw notice to the many ways in which you are reaching out to human needs beyond those of our parish. The SVP from time immemorial has cared for wide varieties of poverty and need, irrespective of faith allegiance. Telco for many years has engaged deeply with other faiths and none in remedying injustices of all kinds, by housing the Syrian family, much activity to promote the living wage, justice for the undocumented and others. For years the Soup Run has fed the hungry in central London and is currently looking for a way to continue. Much else goes on quietly. Our faith and catholic practice goes way beyond our own social group, and seeks to promote the Common Good of all.

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