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CWL salute the Queen

Last Friday our resourceful CWL provided a lovely occasion and gift to mark the Queen’s Jubilee. First we celebrated mass for her. Then we processed to the green outside the church where they planted a blossoming cherry tree – Prunus Amanogawa. Then we all repaired to the Becket for a reception. The tree will continue to add beauty to our frontage and be a lasting memorial to the devotion of our CWL. It was an appropriate signal that as they are launched into their 81st year they are full of vitality and service to others. That however was not the end of the story. Stealthily by night intruders came and scavenged down to the roots. Prime suspects are the foxes who possibly sensed the organic fertiliser nourishing the roots. So sterner measures are being installed to make sure the newly-planted tree will flourish in serenity. Thank you warmly CWL.

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