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Zoom is drawing out much evidence of expertise and ingenuity. The preparation programme for confirmation mounted an impressive gathering of nearly 100 parents, sponsors and interested parties. Reportedly it generated a most useful vehicle for information and discussion. The journey of faith meets weekly to pray and learn.

We are still working on our support for you parents of children preparing for first communion. We do appreciate how burdened you are with working from home and supervising distanced lessons. For the moment keep them in touch with the streamed masses. You are working on the section dealing with conscience and confession. It is good to reflect on how you deal with your children when they are naughty. You may very occasionally get a little cross (God does not, by the way). But you start by a space to bring peace and let off the steam. Then quietly you reflect together: on how much more pleasant life is when we conform.

Most important of all you do not love them any less when you are setting the rules. And that is what God wants them to know about himself.

That is the sacrament of confession.

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