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“I have longed and longed to eat this pasch with you”

Pope Francis quotes Jesus as he begins the Last Supper, and his torture to death. He continues: “We are inclined to think only of ordained ministers carrying out the service. I think of all the gestures and words that belong to the assembly: gathering, processions, being seated, standing, kneeling, being in silence, acclamations, singing, looking, listening. Everyone doing the same gesture, everyone speaking together in one voice transmits to each individual the energy of the entire assembly.”

“The liturgy is done with things that are the exact opposites of spiritual abstractions: bread, wine, oil, water, fragrances, fire, ashes, rock, fabrics, colours, body, words, sounds, silences, gestures, space, movement, action, order, time, light. The whole of creation leads to the encounter with Jesus”

If we can all take this seriously there can never be mention of boredom.

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