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Investigation into Child Sexual Abuse – final report

When I look at our parish: SToC, Trinity and St Antony’s our schools, I cannot conceive of anyone among us engaging in the ghastly activities this investigation has uncovered.

The report just published talks of the abuse being so widespread it has reached the scale of an epidemic. That institutions – our church included – have turned a blind eye to its happening. If an epidemic - there is no vaccine that can touch it. A cultural change is needed.

The Tablet commented: It is time society started to be honest about the downside of the so-called “sexual revolution” and its role both in the trivialisation of sex and the sexualisation of childhood. Let us think about it. Is our understanding of our church’s teaching about sexual morality and its ramifications like that of our parents? Of our grandparents? I think not and on the whole it is good that we have moved on. But we might just give thought to how easily we accept some things hitherto considered immoral. One instance being the tolerance of sexual activity outside marriage. It is all part of our whole culture and its “downside”. The IICSA report does concern us.

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