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Laudato Si: Thursday 17th March 7.30 pm in the Becket Centre

We are all alarmed at the spiralling increase in the cost of living. So a return to Pope Francis’ teaching in Laudato Si is timely. On Thursday of this week the 17th at 7.30 pm, there will be a conference in Becket on that letter of the Pope. His concern is with the threats to all aspects of the environment posed globally by current practices. We had them much in mind during the run-up to Cop26. But subsequent events have over-shadowed those concerns. They are still there. What we hope to achieve on Thursday is a shared search for realistic things we can do, individually and collectively. They will serve both to help us budget our own homes, reach out to the increasing poverty around us, and restrict further damage to our lovely world. Do join us and give us your suggestions.

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