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Next Two weeks at St Thomas’

Monday 11th April

People of the Parish

Pat Ferguson 85 years old

Tuesday 12th April

Giovanni & Costantina Zucconi anniversary

Wednesday 13th April

Eileen Mulvey RIP

Lidia Nunes sick

11am Funeral James Dillon

Thursday 14th April

10 am Morning prayer

8pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Community & Benefactors Friends with covid

Friday 15th April

10 am Morning prayer

10.30am Children’s stations of the


3pm Celebration of the Passion of

the Lord, there will be a collection

for the Holy Land

8pm Stations of the Cross

Saturday 16th April

10am Morning Prayer

11am Polish blessing of the Easter


9pm Easter Vigil & First Mass of Easter

People of the parish

Sunday 17th April Easter Sunday

8.30am Harry Mullin RIP

10 am George Dadswell anniversary

11.30am Eddie Marie RIP

Monday 18th April

Peter & Petrina Stubbings

P J Colman RIP

Tuesday 19th April

Chu Chin anniversary

Christopher & Sandra Lobo

Sr Edith Woods

Wednesday 20th April

Julie Mohnan very ill

Sr Elizabeth Mooney

Thursday 21st April

Maura Clark

Sr Marie Galvin

Trinity intentions

Friday 22nd April

Gillian Poulain RIP


Saturday 23rd April

Ronni Veronica Andrews anniversary

Maureen Holford RIP

Sunday 24th April

8.30am Bruna Roberts nee Francioni

10am Olga Machado RIP

11.30 Sheila & Lew Cully anniversary

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