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There was disappointment that the planned training for readers was cancelled last week simply because of lack of interest. We need more readers. We are very fortunate to have such an expert willing to come and give us training. Think if you could join a rota to read at the mass you attend.

We are also trying to discover who are still active ministers of communion. I have a list of 51 names who may still be active but many are not. So I ask you to contact Cathy Mair, Michael Murphy or me if you wish to continue. I am grateful to you who minister in church. Nowadays you only know how many are needed for each mass when the celebrant appears. But you react accordingly. And then there are the housebound. Those we know are well served. Many of you take communion but do much more to meet the needs of your clients. But I am sure that in such a large parish there must be many who would benefit from receiving the Lord regularly at home. So please think of what a gift communion is – for body mind and soul, and let us know of anyone else we can serve.

Altar servers

It is great to see the new generation of altar servers steadily growing. Petrina is to be congratulated and thanked. She encourages and trains them to serve with dignity and reverence. Children need boundaries and we can help her. The sacristy should be a place of silence where servers and clergy compose themselves in recollection and prayerful preparation for the liturgy. So I ask everyone to keep talk in the sacristies to the minimum needed.

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