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PPC 10th July

The Parish AGM will happen on Sunday July 10th. It is not too soon to start thinking about it and specifically what you will do about it. We have not had realistic elections through the covid -dominated years. Perhaps a thought is appropriate about what a PPC is for. When recently we asked you to express your thoughts and wishes about parish and wider church you had much to say. It has slipped into the background but is not forgotten. One clear thing you want is a different kind of priest. We friars hope we are well on the way to being that kind of priest. But clericalism is a canker that is prevalent and damaging the church. The antidote is a good PPC which takes responsibility. It works with the priest (s) each contributing its proper input, each respecting all other roles in the complex organisation of a parish. Can you contribute to building this? Are you interested?

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